Ontraport for Virtual Assistants
Learn How to Effectively Support an Ontraport-Run Business
Ontraport Made Simple...

Are you a Virtual Assistant who wants to serve Ontraport-based businesses? Or perhaps a business owner who wants your assistant to handle the administrative tasks in your Ontraport account?

If so, you've come to the right place! Ontraport for VAs was created with the VA in mind and provides step-by-step video training on all common tasks associated with running an efficient Ontraport business.

The Struggle...
When I first started using Ontraport, it completely transformed my business. For the first time ever, I felt like I was completely in control of my marketing... with all my tools in one place I was able to build my list faster, communicate with my subscribers better, and keep my finger on the pulse of my revenue. 

There was just one problem. No one else could manage it. 

For years I'd been using Virtual Assistants to help me manage my business and save me time...

Now all of a sudden I had this incredibly powerful software that could streamline my business even more, but no one on my team could help me run it. Productivity FAIL.

Every email, every refund, every membership access, credit card update, cancellation... literally EVERYTHING that needed to be done in Ontraport I had to do myself.  

As my business grew, those seemingly small tasks grew into a big hairy monster that ate into my productivity daily. 

I wanted to train someone to manage my Ontraport Account, but just didn't have the time. 

I thought about hiring someone, but Ontraport Consultants are expensive... I wanted someone who could manage it on a daily basis without paying thousands of dollars. 

The Solution...
It was at this moment of frustration that I got a call from my good friend Dana Malstaff, founder of the Boss Mom... 

She was feeling overwhelmed by all the things she needed to handle in Ontraport too.

She didn't have time to slow down and train someone to help her, and wanted to know if she could hire me to train her Virtual Assistant to handle it for her. I thought it was a great idea - I could make the training videos I needed for my VAs, and package them up into a program that Dana's Assistant could use too! Happy days!

I started mentioning I was creating this video library to other clients and guess what? It turns out they were all struggling with the same things we were... they wanted to train someone to manage their Ontraport account, but didn't have the time to do it. 

Realizing there was a big need for this kind of training, I made the decision to open up the program to other Ontraport users...

Ontraport for Virtual Assistants was born.
Ontraport for Virtual Assistants™ 
Ontraport for Virtual Assistants™ Course Curriculum

Dana Malstaff, Founder

"Dawn's Ontraport for Virtual Assistants program was exactly what I needed to finally have my assistant take over the daily management of my Ontraport account. Now I can spend my time on the big picture stuff knowing the administrative tasks are handled."
Danielle Roberts, Legacy Creative Company
"Ontraport for VA's is a powerful course that is upleveling my VA business and allowing me to do more for my clients. Dawn is a great instructor who is able to bring a complex tool to a level where I am able to understand and utilize it with confidence. I've worked with clients who have Ontraport and this program has already dramatically increased the level of service I can provide."
Esther Littlefield, Owner
Morningstar Media Services
"Prior to Ontraport for VA's, I was completely unfamiliar with Ontraport. Thanks to this course, I feel much more confident to be able to support my clients who use Ontraport. Dawn's teaching style is clear and the lessons are not overwhelming. Plus, I love that I have a resource to refer to anytime I have questions regarding Ontraport."

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Who is Ontraport for VAs For?
I created Ontraport for Virtual Assistants to help business owners train their team to manage their Ontraport account. If you run an Ontraport business, or assist someone who does, this program is for you.

If you are a Virtual Assistant on Online Business Manager who wants to learn the Ontraport platform to better serve your clients, this program is for you. 

If you have ever made any of the following statements, this program is for you...

"I don't have time to train someone..."
If you know you should have someone else managing your Ontraport account but just don't have the time to stop running your business to train them, you'll love this program... 
"I can't afford a full-time consultant..."
If you've ever considered hiring someone who already has Ontraport experience, but then realized it was out of your budget to keep them on a long-term basis, you'll love this program...
"I want to train someone on my team I already trust..."
If you've considered hiring someone but didn't want to open your sensitive information to someone outside of your organization, training someone in-house is the solution. Let us do the training for you!
"I'd like to learn how to use my Ontraport account better..."
If you know you're only using a fraction of the features in your Ontraport account, and wish you had video training program to walk you through each feature and how to use it, you'll love this program!
"I'm a Virtual Assistant who wants to learn Ontraport..."
cIf you're a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager who wants to support Ontraport-run businesses but couldn't find any formal training to show you how, this program is definitely for you!